MyanmarTour hot deals in 2015
Posted Date: 6/5/20157:52 AM

Myanmar May 2015 – The newest destination of Southeast Asia (SEA) is now rolling into the annual circle of travel season and launched very affordable prices for package tours to Myanmar.

No more skyrocketing hotel prices…

4-star Yangon Taw Win Garden hotel

Hotel prices in Myanmar were considered as the highest compared to the similar standards in other Indochina countries such as Vietnam or especially Cambodia or Thai Land. A so-called regular 3-star standard room once priced about US$ 100 – $ 120 while a similar room in Vietnam ran around US$ 40 – $60. The opening policy or the government made a shake into the travel market and a tourist boom. The lack of rooms and the high demand of travelers all created unreasonably high hotel prices.

With just a few years of opening, by participation of new investors and the heat of competition from neighboring countries, Myanmar quickly turns itself into a very competitive destination with reasonable prices:

- The hotel price drops to about US$ 80 – $90 and even to US$ 50 – $70 for a very nice room in summer.

- The domestic airlines are not out of the game with many attractive deals during this time.

- More and more tour companies joining the market also create a busy atmosphere and bring the cost down nearly its true quality.

So from 2015, forget the idea “it is very much more expensive to take a full package tour to Myanmar”. With a budget quite similar to a Vietnam tour or Thailand tour, customers can enjoy a fairly enjoyable overland package in Myanmar.

No more one Price policy for all year round…

Hotels in Myanmar once applied a price policy for all year round due to the high demand of customers. Nowadays, this idea seems to be out of date while many foreign players get into the market such as Novotel, Hilton series, etc with very much competitive prices and better reputation.

For the first time hotels in Myanmar offer Low Season Prices from April to Sep 2015. That action causes the overall package prices to go down remarkably from minimum 5% up to 25%.

HIT Myanmar, a very first tour company offering Myanmar tour booking via Internet, introduces Summer Deals exclusively on our website at:


Moreover, HIT Myanmar will offer the free upgrade to 4-star Yangon Taw Win Garden hotel for regular 3-star packages booked with us from May to Sep 2015.

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