Vietnam Adventure Tours Giving Tourist Good Experience on Ho Chi Minh Trail

If relentless American bombing didn't get him, it would take a North Vietnamese soldier as long as six months to make the grueling trek down the jungle Ho Chi Minh Trail. Today, you speed along the same route at 60 mph, past peaceful hamlets and stunning mountain scenery during  Vietnam adventure tours.

Trekking in Vietnam With Charming Beauty of Mai Chau Hoa Binh

Mai Chau is an impressively beautiful valley to both domestic and foreign tourists, especially those falling in love with tours trekking in Vietnam. Not only seducing tourists with the rustic beauty of the mountains, Mai Chau is also attractive by the hospitability of the citizens here. Taking a trip to Mai Chau valley, you will have a memorable time to discover the wonderful beauty, culture, cuisine of this place.

Travelling Addicts Not to Forget These Tips of Sapa Vietnam Tours

Are you looking forward to the Sapa trip? Are you nervous about what to know about this region? Here are some useful experiences for you to carefully plan and get prepared for fun Sapa Vietnam tours.

Muong Hoa Valley the Most Picturesque Sapa for Best Treks in Vietnam

From the town center of Sapa, going along the narrow path near ranges of mountains for about 8 kilometers, tourists will get to the most overwhelming picture and the pride of Sapa tourist resorts – Muong Hoa Valley. This is considered the most worthy place for tourists to come to Sapa for one of the best treks in Vietnam and experience the beauty in here. Why do we say that this beautiful destination converges almost all the charm of Sapa? This article will make it clear for you.

Best National Parks in Vietnam Offering Tourists Amazing Wildlife Discovery

Vietnam is famous for various national parks which are ideal for enjoyable trips. If you are planning for your adventure, you should not forget these following 10 best national parks in Vietnam:

Best Vietnam Travel Guides About Preparing Things for Your Summer Trip

Vietnam is a country which has a tropical climate, which means in the summer, it is very hot with severe sunshine. However, it is also the country which is beautiful the most to visit in this season. Therefore, there are many tourists still choose Vietnam as an ideal destination to come in the summer. And it is unnecessary to worry about the sunshine and other troubles that you may get on a trip to Vietnam, because in this article there will provide a list of the best Vietnam travel guides with essential things to carry along to visit Vietnam in the summer, which every tourist should note down.

Ha Long Bay Stopped the Kayak Rowing Service in Vietnam Adventure Tours

The Kayak rowing service on Ha Long Bay is going to be closed due to its signals of ripping off tourists, which badly affects the business environment on the bay. This has been an aching problem for tourism services in Quang Ninh province so far. Being affected by that, tourists can hardly find the interesting experiences during such adventurous tour in Vietnam.

Vietnam trekking - Hidden cave in Kong: Skull Island movie

You can follow the steps of Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson in Kong: Skull Island movie in your Vietnam trekking. But be honest, it is not only the “Skull Island”, it is also mostly Vietnam you can see in your hiking trails

Let’s go through the main filming locations include: Ha Long Bay, Quang Binh, Trang An – Tam Coc and some more rivers and mountains in the northern of Ninh Binh province to find out the reasons make they the perfect setting for a Holywood blockbuster.

The New ATA Website Interface

ATA – the  real adventure travel company in Asia kindly introduces the new website interface . So as to serve customers better, this website was redesigned. It now has an easy-to-use interface with an e...

MyanmarTour hot deals in 2015

Myanmar May 2015 – The newest destination of Southeast Asia (SEA) is now rolling into the annual circle of travel season and launched very affordable prices for package tours to Myanmar.

Vietnam Overland Motorbiking along Coastal Line Vietnam Overland Motorbiking along Coastal Line

With over 3000km coastal line, Vietnam registers its name into the world best beach list with several wonderful beaches. We are going to take you reveal the beauty along Vietnam coastline on...

Motorcycling the Ho Chi Minh Trail - Half Challenge Motorcycling the Ho Chi Minh Trail - Half Challenge

The legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail was the supply line used by North Vietnam to link North and South Vietnam during the American War. Soldiers, ammunition, weapons and supplies were carried by hand,...

Motorcycling West Northern Vietnam Motorcycling West Northern Vietnam

A motorcycling to North Western Vietnam reveals a different route to get from Mai Chau to Son la and ends with the bests of Sapa. Highlights of this motorcycling trips are the magnificent roads with...


This motorcycling trip leads you from North to South Vietnam on the entire Ho Chi Minh Trail – the legend in our wartime, now offers amazing scenery and awesome riding experience. The ride starts up...

Taste of Ho Chi Minh Trail by motorbike Taste of Ho Chi Minh Trail by motorbike

Taste of Ho Chi Minh trail is our top picked motorcycling adventure because various highlights of nature, history, and riding experience are included in this very short tour. You first start on...