Top Six Reasons for Having an Attractive Active Travel Vietnam
Posted Date: 5/9/20177:52 AM

active travel Vietnam

1. Magnificent islets of Halong Bay – the perfect destination for various entertaining needs

Halong Bay is often noted as the most famous destination for tourists to come for Vietnam adventure holidays. If you have a chance to directly witness the majestic sceneries here, you will know the reason why it is favored that much. 
Halong Bay is surrounded by a variety of islets in different shapes and sizes, which creates a wonderful picture as a combination of endless mountains, immense sea and spreading the horizon. Visiting Halong Bay, tourists have a chance for tremendous adventure activities in Vietnam such as mountain climbing, kayak rowing to explore caves, sightseeing the beauty of the Bay in seaplanes from a high altitude, or relaxing on yachts, etc.
active travel Vietnam

2. Trekking through Sapa and explore its unique local culture

Sapa is a famous tourism destination located in the northwest of Vietnam. It impresses tourists by the beautiful valleys or eye-catching terraces, which is incredibly ideal for a long trekking and mountain climbing in an active travel Vietnam. Sapa is also the residence of many ethnic minorities, each of which possesses unique culture features that will leave profound experiences in tourists.
To meet and talk with local residents about Vietnam adventure activities are really interesting activities for tourists because people here are well-known for their hospitability and friendliness. Besides, through the activities, tourists have a chance to understand more about the fascinating cultures of the local area.
active travel Vietnam

3. Historical and architectural values in the Temple of Literature

Vietnam is the country which has a great number of impressive temples to be preserved well. That proves a last long developing culture in the past. Among these temples, the most outstanding to be named should be the Temple of Literature and National University in Hanoi, which are used to worship Confucius and exceptional scholars in feudal dynasties in Vietnam. If you are a tourist to be interested in historical values and Vietnam outdoor, this place will surely ignite your excitement.
active travel Vietnam

4. Explore the unique fauna and flora system in Cuc Phuong National Park

Cuc Phuong is the most ancient Vietnam national parks. It has a plentiful fauna and flora system for tourists to explore. Limestone ranges and vegetation in Cuc Phuong National Park are the habitats of more than 2,000 plants, 250 reptiles and mammals, and 300 bird species. Cuc Phuong is the most captivating in the dry season from December to April when harsh rains have gone. Visiting Cuc Phuong National Park, tourists should not skip an exploring tour through caves and watch the diverse animals to be preserved here.
active travel Vietnam

5. Ideal destination for charity activities

For tourists who would like to help other people and make something meaningful and different to the world, there are always a lot of chances for you to carry out the charity plans in Vietnam. There would be nothing to compare to a combination of tourism and charity activities in an active travel Vietnam. It will not only be a valuable opportunity to make new friends and learn various skills but also a good condition to understand and explore more the local culture in different communities Vietnam.
active travel Vietnam

6. Breath-taking beaches from the North to the South

The last thing to mention in this article about things to attract tourists to Vietnam is also the most worthy outdoor activities to remind. One of the most popular interests of tourists to visit a particular country is to enjoy the beauty of the sunshine in emerald blue beaches. To take typical examples, Phu Quoc beach is a perfect suggestion for tourists who are in love with pristine and peaceful beaches, whereas Nha Trang is especially suitable for those loving the bustle and dynamism. 
active travel Vietnam

For all of those reasons, if you are still looking for a new destination with interesting experiences, an active travel Vietnam should always be noted in your priorities. There is no need to plan too much, just backpack your luggage and go for a memorable trip to Vietnam right now.

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